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Solve Horse Behavior Problems that Occur During Shoeing and Trimming

Description: Learn how to train your horse to stand in a well behaved manner so that it can receive the best possible shoeing and/or trimming job. This book is the ... Read More »

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Shoe In Money System

Description: 1 Word: Epic! Jeremy Shoemoney And Peng Joon Taking The CB Marketplace By Storm With Yet Another CB #1. Get Your Swipes And Banners Over At Http://www ... Read More »

The Grip Authority - Membership Site

Description: Site dedicated to the development of grip strength and performing feats of strength. Members learn how to bend nails, tear cards, pinch 45's, bend hor ... Read More »

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Self Publishing Coach

Description: Get Self Published And Noticed On A Shoe-string Budget! Providing Resources For Self Publishing Authors. You Can Access My Affiliate Center With Graph ... Read More »